Drain Cleaning

Easy Drain Cleaning Tips and Tricks

No matter how careful you are, sometimes you just cannot avoid clogging your sink drain. Bathroom drains, in particular, are more prone to blockages because of hair strands, toothpaste, shampoo, soap and other gunk getting trapped in the pipe bend.

To clean and unblock drains, you don’t always need to rely on store-brought products or chemicals. There are some basic household ingredients you can use to clean and unclog a blocked drain.

Below are some simple drain cleaning tips and tricks that will help you clear up your blocked drain without the use of some toxic chemicals:

Use powdered washing detergent to clean and unblock your drain:

Pour a cup full of washing powder over the clogged drain and let it settle into the blockage. Washing powder detergents has a pH of around 11 and, as such, has a high alkaline content; this should be able to eat through the clog. However, do not overuse this method if you have PVC pipes since this can damage the material.

Pour baking soda and vinegar over blocked drains to clear stubborn clogs:

Pour one full cup of powdered detergent over the drain hole and let this settle for a few minutes. Then pour one cup of vinegar over the drain hole. Allow the mixture to fizz and bubble until the substance drains, then use clean water to flush it down. The fizzing action will help clear stubborn clogs.

Use a drain stick if accumulated hair caused the drain clog:

Clogs in shower drains are usually caused by an accumulation of hair. To remove these strands of hair from the shower drain, use a drain stick – a little tool that you can find in most hardware stores and DIY or home improvement sections in various shops. The drain stick has barbs on it; when you insert then pull it out of the drain, you can bring out much of the hair with it.

Keep in mind that prevention is the best drain cleaning tip:

To avoid clogs, install hair strainers on all your drains so that you can easily remove rubbish and clean them. Pour a natural solution, such as vinegar and lemon, down your drains at least once a month to break down any accumulating greasy or waxy build-up on the insides of the pipes.

If the clog is deep inside the pipes and there is a need to take them apart to clean them, then it’s time to call a plumber. You will save yourself a lot of time, money and effort when you hire the services of a plumber for bigger drain clog problems instead of handling this issue yourself.