What Is A PTR Valve?

All industries use acronyms to describe certain things.

In plumbing the PTR valve (as commonly known in the industry) is short for the Pressure and Temperature Relief Valve. It’s part of your hot water system and is designed to relieve the increase in pressure caused by water expansion during the normal heating cycle.

As long as the PTR Valve is doing it’s job you will never know it’s there and also never know if it’s about to blow…quite literally.

Manufacturers recommend that these valves are maintained and replaced between 3-5years to ensure the safe working operation of your unit.

We won’t bore you with technical details – after all you really only notice when something isn’t right if you can see or hear something wrong with your hot water system or run out of hot water.

When Things Go Wrong

When you notice that there is something potentially wrong with your hot water heater it is really important that you identify the right shut off valves and turn off the water to the unit.

If you haven’t maintained or service your unit, parts can fail and ultimately the unit can too.

We strongly recommend against fiddling or attempting any handyman work on your unit or the pressure and temperature valve yourself: it definitely pays to be safe. Especially when it comes to your gas hot water heater.

Always engage a qualified, licensed and insured plumber gasfitter to help with your hot water heater repairs or replacement.

I Need A Plumber Now

If you have no hot water or your hot water heater is hissing loudly and spewing water – then call us immediately and we can arrange for one of our experienced team to be with you shortly.

Turn off the water and gas to the unit and we will be there to help.

Experiencing hot water issues?

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Never Run Out Of Hot Water Again

If you find yourself constantly running out of hot water with everyone together – it could be a great time to explore upgrading your hot water service from a tank to a continuous flow system.

Storage Tank vs Continuous Flow

A storage tank uses gas to constantly heat the water whereas a continuous flow (or tankless water heater) only heats the water as its needed.

Water Damage: The Fast and Furious

LeakingPipeImagine coming home after a wonderful night out to find a Locksmith, Plumber and Policeman at your home.

It’s happened, and it could happen to you too.

Heading out for a weekend away or holiday?

As a preventative measure remember to turn off you water at the main water meter so that in the case of an emergency your home is protected from major flooding.

We had a call one evening from an occupant in an apartment notifying us that water was entering through their ceiling.  They believed there was a water leak coming from the apartment above.

The occupant of the above apartment was away.

In addition to us attending, the police were called, as was a locksmith to enable us to enter the apartment and investigate the case of the water leak.

Upon us all entering the apartment is was very apparent that the cause of such incredible water damage was a burst flexible water connector.

In 96% of homes and businesses we attend, we see these hoses incorrectly fitted or about to fail and cause major flooding.

Water had flooded the apartment, damaged the carpet and furniture.  It was a mess.

In virtually every plumbing emergency call we receive, we guarantee to be on your doorstep within the hour.  In some cases, even quicker.

Being fast and responsive is key to minimising any further damage that water can cause to your home or business.

So next time you panic remember call the Plumbers who are here to Assist – Service Experts 1300 390 045.

We operate our 24 hour emergency service 365 days a year.