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Did you know that anyone trying to connect their own phone lines and data cables without a license could face a pretty hefty penalty?

We’re not just saying this – we’ve seen it happen!

One of the reasons our clients come to us is for help with their data and phone lines – and as our electricians are all incredibly qualified and experienced individuals in their own right, we can guarantee to help you to enjoy connectivity in next to no time.

Which Connectivity Services Do We Offer?

The question should be, what ones don’t we offer?! At Service Experts, we’ve installed more cables and data lines than you can shake a stick at – but we’re not really sure why you’d want to shake a stick at anything, if we’re honest. Maybe a stray dingo?

We’re just a phone call away and could help you to enjoy seamless connectivity via ADSL internet – and if it turns out that your building supports MDF jumpering before you can connect; we can even help you with that.

We can help you to:

  • Connect to the internet via cable, where you can enjoy wireless connectivity, too
  • Organise your cables to ensure consistent connectivity
  • Implement cat6 wall plating to keep messy cables to the bare-minimum
  • Help you to enjoy fast, effective broadband and phone calls without delay

We Go Above And Beyond

Many electricians draw the line if there’s a job that isn’t quite as expected, or if connection facilities are located elsewhere and away from your home, or your apartment.

Here at Service Experts we prefer to put our clients first – even if we have to dedicate a little more time to ensuring that you get to enjoy your connectivity. You can rest assured that we’ll do so without argument!

Why Choose Our Services?

You might not know this – but we’re actually considered one of the leading electrical installation, maintenance and repair agencies in Australia.

We haven’t built this reputation by cutting corners and minimising our efforts; quite the opposite in fact!

We strive to provide a world-class service to our clients; one that we can be truly proud of.

It might seem like a quick and easy job to take care of your cables and data lines, but unless yours are installed with precision and functionality in mind; it won’t take long before you start to experience interruptions to your service, or down-times that will need further call outs.

Why bother hoping for the best when you could have our team visit your property, take care of your connections and walk away leaving you more than satisfied with our expertise? Give us a call today and you’ll see for yourself why we’re considered one of the most affordable, reliable and effective service providers in the country.

What are people saying about Service Experts

Great quick professional job – quick resolution of problem
C. Kurinsky
Home Owner, McKinnon
On time, excellent explanation of job. Speedy service whilst still being thorough
B. Saturno
Great work, great attitude and professional
A. Dumasia

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