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Exhaust Fan Installations

Exhaust fans, or extractor fans, are typically located inside of bathrooms and wash areas.

At Service Experts we’ve installed hundreds to date – and we can safely say that they are one of the most multifunctional and multipurpose devices available to home and office owners.

What Are the Benefits?

Perhaps the most obvious advantage might result in a few chuckles from some of you; but it’s no less a real concern than many people deal with on a daily basis.

These types of fans work by sucking the air from inside of a bathroom and them expelling it along pipework, to where it can dissipate outdoors.

That’s right – you can say goodbye to unwanted scents in favour of clean, fresh air.

This in itself offers another benefit that could make all of the difference to your bathroom’s condition – and one that we’d definitely recommend thinking about.

Have you ever noticed that out of all of the rooms in your home, your bathroom experiences the greatest build ups of water?

Damp is a foundation destroyer and if left untreated, the results of bacterial mould can soon start to discolour walls and lead to rotting.

In extreme cases, homes have been known to crumble after water has been able to seep into walls and settle into foundations – who would want to deal with that type of event?

Our Exhaust Fan Installations

Just a single fan that’s programmed to activate whenever the light is left on (or left to run for a few minutes afterward) can help to disperse liquid build ups in their entirety.

Our team are experts at providing this service and we’ll be sure to make use of any existing pipework and ventilation shafts present; or to establish a suitable location where the fan can do what it does best.

It’s not just bathrooms that we can address either, in fact we can also help you to enjoy fresh air within your living room, your bedrooms and any number of locations around your home.

A professional electrician in Melbourne can go even further and install features to seal the unit during those colder months (where insulation is important), or modify the power settings to allow the fans to consume as little an amount of energy as possible.

And we can do all of this with you and your day to day lifestyle in mind.

We can come out at a time that suits you and once we fit your brand new extractor fan, you will be able to say goodbye to your damp-woes.

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