Why Does My Safety Switch Keep Tripping?

electrical safety switch melbourneYou may not know it, but you have safety switches in your home and, probably, in many of your electronic devices, too. These switches monitor the flow of electricity through the wiring. They can detect changes in flow or imbalances in energy in vs. energy out. They respond fast, sometimes within fractions of a second. Their response it turn off the flow of energy through that wire, which also turns off the appliance or device and can stop the flow of power to part of your home.

This is called tripping your safety switch. It’s annoying, but it’s there for your safety. These switches can trip for a number of reasons.

  • Your device or appliance is damaged or faulty. Something has gone wrong and the current is not flowing through it as it should.
  • Damaged wiring. Over time, wires can sustain damage, just like anything else. If your safety switches keep tripping, have the wiring checked in nearby fixtures and appliances.
  • Bad weather. Some switches are sensitive to moisture and to the power surges that can come from nearby lightning strikes, etc.
  • A broken switch. Sometimes, the switch itself stops working well. Replacing it will solve your tripping problems.
  • Too many appliances. If you have too many things on the same circuit, each can leak a small amount of energy. This can mean that the switch is always just about to flip. One tiny change can send it over the edge.

If you are having trouble with safety switches that keep tripping, give your trusted melbourne electrician a call. We’ll help you get the problem solved fast!