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Surge Protection

Electricity is one of the most powerful resources on the planet – why would you expose your family to risk unnecessarily?

The Importance of Surge Protection

As qualified and trained electrician in Melbourne, we understand more than most just how important it is to ensure that all devices, appliances and connections are as safe and secure as possible.

Every day, thousands of currents of electricity are being pumped through our homes and although most cables will moderate their flow; there can be times when surges occur.

It’s not just internally that these events can happen either; in fact a quick lightning storm can act to blow every single fuse in your property in the space of a few seconds!

Where Does Protection Help?

At Service Experts, we know just how important protection from electrical surges can be – and we’re sure that the devices that we use have done more than save thousands of dollars in repairs for our clients.

Every single device that we fit is quality-checked and built to last.

Our expertise allows us to install our surge protection devices in a variety of ways; each of which offer their own unique benefits and advantages.

Some of these include:

  • The potential to protect your entire home thanks to one device
  • The ability to safeguard individual circuits and cable systems
  • A wide range of uses that can put an end to risky power surges

Our devices aren’t just effective; they also come in a range of shapes and sizes, as well as being capable of deterring thousands of volts of electricity without difficulty.

Whenever a surge occurs, your devices could suffer with damage and although many will feature fuses; what if they blow, too?

An influx of electrical current won’t just blow a fuse, it could actually cause your appliances to blow and we all know what that means – a ridiculously expensive repaid project!

Why Leave Your Devices at Risk?

There are plenty of people that get by hoping for the best – but what about those that want to protect their home and possessions?

Our team at Service Experts do more than just install devices to safeguard your home from the potential of fires, damage and risk – we do so with you in mind.

We can promise to be with you at a time (and on a day) that suits your schedule, and we could be in and out of your home in the space of a few hours.

We’ll ensure that your safeguards are correctly installed, connected in the most beneficial locations and done so in a way that can guarantee to eliminate excessive voltage from taking a toll on your devices.

What better way to keep your home functioning at all times, and whatever the weather? Get in touch with us today to hire our services!

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