As we move into Autumn and Winter the weather becomes colder, windier and wetter.

The Autumn weather brings a beautiful change in colour. It can be wonderous to watch the leaves turn brown and eventually fall off the trees. It conjures up images of young children playing under trees in piles of beautiful brown leaves that have fallen.

However, the abundance of fallen leaves can cause havoc on your roof and block your gutters.

Gutters that have been unattended to over the years may be rusted and full of holes. Alternatively, gutters that have not been cleared over the years look just like the picture above.

So where does the water go?

Gutters play an essential part of your home plumbing system.

Gutters catch rainfall and direct the water down pipes into the stormwater system.

Blocked gutters mean there is no where for the rain to go and overflow like a waterfall down the outside of your home.

This may result in water entering into your home anywhere it can penetrate – think windows, doors and any cracks.

As we all stay home to keep safe during the time of COVID-19 you may be tempted to get all those little chores around the home done and ticked off.

Cleaning gutters should not be a task you do and poses a safety hazard. Potentially fatal.

According to Brain Injury Australia, ladder falls are the most common “Do It Yourself” injury and nearly 1 in 10 result in a brain injury.

Not understanding how to correctly and safety stabilise a ladder could result in severe injury and worse case, be fatal.

Please only engage a professional to clean out your gutters, inspect your roof and perform any repairs and replacements necessary.

Don’t risk it.

Don’t take one wrong step.

Keep Safe.