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Have you ever seen one of those videos online, where a self-proclaimed handy-man decides to fix his own leaky pipe, only for it to burst in his face?

This is usually when the clips cut out – but what happens after the explosion? Well, if the water isn’t turned off at the mains, it won’t take long before enough water comes flooding out to fill the entire floor.

Even if you can get to the mains in time, the damage that can be done to the pipework can often be pretty extensive.

Every single one of the pipes within our homes are subjected to pressure – otherwise they wouldn’t be able to transport water from one place to another, but if that pressure gets a little too much to bear, it’s not uncommon for leaks to occur.

There’s More Than Just Pressure

It’s not just pressure that can cause a problem – leaky pipes often occur as a result of joint deterioration and when this happens, you could see anything from an occasional droplet, to a consistent trickle.

We Are Here to Help

If left untreated, this liquid exposure could soon start to take its toll on the outside of pipes, causing them to rust.

It’s not just the pipes that can suffer with damage, there’s also the risk of wood warping – and if your pipes are located within walls, it won’t take long for damp to start forming.

At Service Experts we make a point of prioritising our burst and leaking pipe repairs, because if you leave them untreated, the damage that they can cause can be catastrophic!

Why Choose Us?

We only use the most effective tools and accessories, and when paired with our knowledge and expertise; we offer one of the most extensive pipe repair services in the country.

We approach every project differently; we promise to evaluate the condition of your pipework and the cause of the problem, and then plan the best course of action to get your water supply back in working order.

We can:

  • Seal damaged pipes
  • Repair pipework
  • Replace old, worn and damaged pipes
  • Fit new washers to restrict water flow
  • Re-align pipes and joints

You might not think that an occasional drop of water could do much damage and you’re right, one or two droplets won’t – especially if they are in a well-ventilated area.

But as soon as water is able to touch a surface that it isn’t supposed to, or if it’s allowed to build-up without being controlled, it can start to cause untold damage – so don’t put your home at risk!

We are just a phone call away and one of our friendly plumbers could be with you in next to no time. Give us a call and we’ll take care of your leaky pipes, faulty taps and everything in between!

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