CCTV drain inspections

The Benefits of Investing in CCTV Drain Inspections

A blocked drain can be a real problem for homeowners. This is because a blocked drain is usually the result of a structural problem in your drainage or plumbing system, or it could be the product of some other issues such as water resurgence. It could be caused by waste material build-up inside the pipe, or tree roots that have worked their way in between the joints of the pipe and have obstructed the flow of the drain.

There are two main negative effects that can be caused by a blocked drain: propagation of contaminated water and the spread of bad odour. A blocked drain houses contaminated water which serves as a breeding ground for various types of harmful bacteria, including Legionella. Legionella is a pathogenic group of bacteria that includes L. pneumophila, a bacterial strain which causes Legionnaires’ disease and Pontiac fever.

The second harmful impact of a blocked drain is that it gives rise to unpleasant, bad and even unhealthy odour. And when a person is exposed to a bad odour, there seems to be a higher degree of stress, endless fatigue, and bad mood.

A blocked drain should never be ignored because of these negative effects. If left alone, the blockage can result in further serious damage, such as a ruptured pipe which will have to be replaced. This will cost you significantly greater amounts of money and interruption than if you had dealt with it in a timely manner. To be able to identify the problem faster and have a better chance of avoiding any serious damage, your best option is a CCTV drain survey.

What is it?

CCTV drain inspections of blocked drains can help pinpoint the exact location of a problem and its root cause. In this type of inspection, a small camera is fed down through the piping system, giving you and the contactors a live feed of what’s inside the drains.

  • The first advantage that a CCTV drain survey offers is that it provides fast and accurate identification of the drainage issue. Trained contractors can set up their system in just several minutes and you will soon know the cause of the problem and get ideas on how to have it solved properly. You avoid the time-consuming and money-draining process of excavation.
  • The second advantage is that this process pinpoints the exact unblocking and repair needs of your drainage system. If any pipe needs to be fixed or replaced, the CCTV drain inspection will help you find out where exactly you need to excavate. This keeps the inconvenience and cost of this operation at a minimum.

Due to its convenience, CCTV drain surveys can be easily used in confined and unsafe drain spaces or structures. And when done regularly, this process can immediately give you an idea of any issues emerging, such as fissures, developing blockages or root ingress. You can then identify these problems immediately and deal with them in a timely manner, thus preventing the issue before it happens.