Electronic Water Leak Detection

How Electronic Water Leak Detection Could Help You Save Water and Money?

Just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean it’s not real. “It,” in this instance, refers to plumbing problems in your building. When your plumbing system’s in trouble, you really don’t want to find out about it until it’s too late (e.g., when water starts running down from the ceiling or when you get your utilities bill and it costs more than your first car).

Plumbing problems rarely happen “out of the blue.” They generally occur over a period of time, unknown and undetected. This is usually the case with leaks in your pipes. You’ll know you have leaks when your water bill increases, when you notice puddles of water around your tub or toilet, and when your water metre continues to move even when no one’s using the water inside the building.

While those signs could help you figure out that you have a leak, one guaranteed way to determine this plumbing problem is by getting electronic water leak detection.

The method is more commonly used for larger integrated systems, and it’s crucial for areas where you keep valuables and assets belonging to your business, like data centres, telecommunications facilities, archives, and similar areas. The technology is not only used to identify the presence of water, where it shouldn’t be, but it’s also gained solid reliability when it comes to confirming the integrity of your structure.

What it is?

There are different technologies used for this approach to leak detection. Some tools use cable-based intelligent sensors, which are ideal for multiple leaks and covering larger areas. Others use what’s called the Time Domain Reflectometry, which is actually installed and triggers an alarm when leaks are detected.

Unlike visual inspections, electronic technology for detecting leaks can zero in on the precise location of the leak. This means you know exactly where and how to fix the problem. Using electronic leak detection can also save your building large volumes of water from being wasted. Even the smallest of leaks could lead to significant water loss, which naturally forces you to spend more money for utilities.

When water leaks, your property is also bound to get water damage. Left unchecked, this damage could turn into a mould problem, which is not just harmful to the health of whoever occupies the space but also really expensive to resolve.

Signs exist to let you know your building has some leak somewhere. But instead of guessing the presence of water and the very source of the leak, get confirmation and peace of mind with electronic leak detection. Save your building from water damage and save money by not wasting water.

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