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Leaking Tap Repairs

Did you know that in some parts of the world, a leaky tap was considered a form of torture?

It was known as Chinese water torture and it involved a victim being neatly positioned right under a leaky tap, with each drop slowly driving them insane!

If you’re currently facing a leaking tap, than thankfully the worst that you can expect is complete and utter irritation.

What Are Your Options?

You could always stick a sponge underneath the drops, just to soak up the sound of that tap, tap, tapping.

Or you could consider turning your water supply off at the mains – but who on earth has time to switch pipes on and off whenever they want to wash their hands?

If we’re honest, we’d suggest that you go for what’s behind secret door number three – which just so happens to be a team of fully trained and qualified plumbers!

Choosing Us for Your Leaking Tap Repairs

We are Service Experts and whether your tap could do with a new washer to restrict water from being able to leak, or if it’s your faucet that’s causing the problem – we can guarantee to offer the ideal solution for you.

Putting up with a leaky tap might not seem like a huge deal at first, but you’d only have to place a bowl underneath it to see just how much water is being wasted.

If there’s one way to ramp up your energy bills, it’s by allowing this waste to go on for too long, but it’s not just the impact on your expenses to consider!

There’s also the fact that the more that your tap leaks, the greater the build-up of pressure along your pipeline will be. This can result in even more damage, so why put your property at risk?

We Can Help!

You could stop reading right now and take a note of our phone number and then give us a call.

If you’re facing an emergency leak, then we can promise to be with you in next to no time.

If you simply need one of our experts to visit your home and take care of the repair, then we’d be happy to help you with that, too.

There’s not much that we don’t know about plumbing, in fact we’d even go as far as to say that we’d be able to treat plumbing tasks of all severities, so why not get in touch with us today?

We’ll provide you with a free, no obligation quote and once we’ve taken care of your repair project, we might even give you a one-time only, no return high-five if you promise that you’re satisfied with our level of expertise.

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