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Rainwater Tanks

Has it ever been more important to save cash, minimise your expenses and reduce your carbon footprint than it is right now?

The impact that we all have on our environment is becoming more and more of a concern – and this is why we’re proud to offer a fantastic solution to help you to keep your impact as minimal as possible.

One Great Way to Save AND Help

Have you ever wondered where rainwater goes once it hits the ground? Sure, plenty will be soaked up by the soil and even more will run into pipes where it’s transported elsewhere, but how much do you think goes to waste each year?

It’s estimated that thousands of gallons simply evaporate – but just imagine being able to harness the power of that rainwater and put it to use within your home, instead of relying on other sources to provide you with your water.

This is where rainwater tanks come in handy – and at Service Experts, we specialise in the installation of these storage solutions no matter the age of your home.

Just imagine being able to turn to a renewable resource for the water within your home – one that could minimise your water bills and help you to reduce your effect on the environment.

What Do We Do?

Our team of expert plumbers can install a range of features to help to transport rainwater from all around your home, including guttering and pipes.

These pipes will then deliver water whenever it rains directly into your storage tank, where you’ll be able to put it to immediate use within your home!

We’re talking:

  • Fresh rainwater to replace the water within your toilet cisterns for flushing
  • A great supply of water for your swimming pool
  • An alternative solution for washing your cutlery and dishes
  • Water to take care of your washing machine’s needs
  • A fresh supply to help with irrigation

As the water is only ever used for non-consumable purposes, you’ll never have to worry about cross contamination through your pipework – meaning that none of your drinking water will come into contact with water that is flowing from outside.

Right now, you are probably relying on one fresh supply of water to take care of hydration, your bath time and even flushing your toilets.

This could be why you’re finding that your water bills are as high as they are – and rainwater could be the ideal solution to minimise your costs!

By taking advantage of a natural resource that’s readily available whenever it rains, you won’t have to pay to use fresh drinking water in your toilets, or when doing the laundry – and this can keep your expenses as low as possible.

The more that it rains, the more water you’ll have access to – so why let it go to waste any longer than you have already? Give our team a call today and we’ll take care of your tank installation and pipe connectivity as soon as you need us!

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