Sewer Repair

sewer repair st kildaWhen you need your sewer repaired, it’s easy to feel worried and angry. After all, sewer problems can cause major disruptions to your life and they can be expensive to diagnose and repair. When you call us at Service Experts for your sewer repair in St. Kilda, we promise to send out a plumber that will work as fast as we can and to save as much of your money as possible.

When you call us for sewer repair in St. Kilda, we’ll start by diagnosing the problem. This usually involves sending a camera down your sewer line from the access point inside your house. If you don’t know where this is, don’t worry! We’ll help you find it. It’s usually in your utility area, in your basement, or outside your home near where you attach your hose.

The camera helps us know what, exactly, we are looking at when it comes to doing your sewer repair, and it also helps us locate the exact place where your pipes are broken, clogged, or having other problems. All of this means that we may not have to dig huge holes in your yard in order to make your repair happen.

Many repairs can be performed with the latest in trenchless sewer technology. This allows us to fix your pipe from the same sewer access point where we inserted our camera. If your repair doesn’t allow for this, we promise that we will dig up as little pipe as possible. You shouldn’t need to re-landscape when we are done!

We will get your sewer repair in St. Kilda done as quickly and efficiently as possible, even if it means that we stay late. We know that you need your home to work well so you can live your best life, and we will honor that as best we can.